Urban Farming, Landscapes and Biodiversity
Discovery Expedition Cycle 2 & 3

Organised for YOU by Otellia and Écoacteurs en Médoc, enjoy a 5-day active holiday to discover the Medoc and its surroundings!

Starting from 220 €

Excursions and Activities

Coastal Sand Dunes

An expedition for nature enthusiasts to understand the biodiversity of Lacanau dunes and back dunes.

Protected Biological Reserve

An outing to a freshwater swamp forest on the outskirts of Lacanau City.


A cross-country race in the Parc de Majolan, located in Blanquefort.

The “Green” Musical Instrument-Making Workshop

Instument-making workshop using natural earth friendly materials.

Cheese Tasting

A fun and interactive sensory introduction to cheese tasting.

Visit to La Vacherie

A gentle stroll on the educational trail of La Vacherie, an urban farm, in Blanquefort.

Ludon’s Marsh Land

Wandering on an educational trail in the marsh land of Ludon and enjoy a biodiversity discovery of the environment.

Visit of a Vineyard

Discovery of the winemaking profession’s realities.

Dinner and Evening Outing

An evening meal by the fire followed by a night walk in the Parc de Tanaïs of Blanquefort.

Last Evening Dinner & Party!

Discovery Expeditions

Urban Farming
Landscapes & Biodiversity


Full Board Accomodation

A full board holiday in dorm room, and double room for teachers (subject to availability).

Breakfast buffet with a great variety of local, organic products.

Lunches and dinners made with local and seasonal produces.

Our Educational Goals

Playful sensory activities, creativity and self-expression, observation and discovery

Our Commitments

  • Preservation of the environment by limiting the use of damaging maintenance products.
  • Breakfast is 90 % organic and local.
  • Promotion of social cohesion by welcoming all types of public.
  • Waste repurposing by eliminating indivudual packaging.
  • Soft urban mobility by tramways, buses and bikes.

About Écoacteurs en Médoc

Écoacteurs in Médoc is an environmental education association approved by the Ministry of National Education and recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency. We organise your stays with regards to your expectations and for all public.

Please contact Mrs. Portarrieu groupes@otellia.fr or at 05 56 35 55 55

Our Eco-Friendly Approach

We have obtained the EU Ecolabel in 2014. The acquisition of the Tourism & Handicap label is in process.